Ocean Hydrodynamics Lab @ UNH

Tracy Mandel, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Ocean Engineering

University of New Hampshire

My research explores turbulent flow at ocean margins. Using a combination of laboratory experiments and field observations, my lab works to understand the natural physical processes that occur at ocean boundaries and coasts, and how we can use these to better protect, restore, and consider these systems in engineering decisions. A large focus of our work is on ecohydraulics: the physics of how water interacts with coastal ecosystems. We are particularly in interested flow-vegetation interactions in local New Hampshire ecosystems such as seagrass, marshes, and dunes.

Prior to joining the faculty at UNH, I received my PhD from Stanford University in the Bob and Norma Street Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, and was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Merced.

Please get in touch if you are interested in research opportunities as an MS/PhD student, postdoc, or undergraduate at UNH!

Lab News

Conferences & Talks

Members of the Ocean Hydrodynamics Lab will be on the road this fall for talks. Zeeshan, Tracy, and lab collaborator (now UNH assistant professor!) Teri will be presenting at APS DFD. Tracy will be giving invited talks at Penn State and at Seacoast Sips of Science!

Ocean Discovery Day

The lab ran an exhibit on flow and transport in seagrass meadows for Ocean Discovery Day, which typically draws around 2,000 visitors over a two-day period to the UNH campus.

Fall 2023 - Welcome to John & Gabriel!

John Webb and Gabriel Pointer joined the OHL this summer as undergraduate research assistants. They will be working on instrumentation for the EFWT and new MEF, for vegetated flows experiments. Welcome!

June 2023 - Vivek's paper published!

Vivek's paper on schlieren-based free surface measurement techniques was published in Experiments in Fluids.  Congratulations, Vivek!

June 2023 - Flume testing begins

The plumbing system on the new Marine Ecohydraulics Flume is connected and we are preparing for flow characterization and vegetated flow experiments. Thank you to John Ahern and all who have worked on this project!

May/June 2023 - Welcome to Hakeem, Anne, and Madya!

Hakeem Villegas Hernandez and Anne Berg joined the OHL this summer as undergraduate researchers. Madya Watson will also be collaborating with the group, supervised by Dr. Oehmke. Welcome!

Nov/December 2022 - Conferences

Members of the Ocean Hydrodynamics Lab will be traveling to the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting in November and the AGU Fall Meeting in December.

Nov. 2022 - Vivek wins Outstanding Presentation Award

Ocean Engineering PhD student Vivek Bheeroo won the Outstanding Student Presentation award for his oral presentation at the Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers - Americas conference. Congratulations, Vivek!

Fall 2022 - Welcome to Naomi!

Naomi Rousseau joined the lab as an M.S. student in Ocean Engineering. She will be studying sediment transport in Hampton-Seabrook salt marshes. Welcome, Naomi!

June 2022  - Congrats to Matt, Jenna, Matthias, & Aidan!

Congratulations to Matt, who graduated with his MEng in Ocean Engineering, and Jenna, Matthias, and Aidan, who graduated with their BS in Ocean Engineering!

Jan. 2022 - Zeeshan's paper published!

Zeeshan's paper on buoyancy-modified entrainment in plumes was published in Physics of Fluids. Congratulations, Zeeshan!

Fall 2021 - Welcome, Dr. Oehmke!

Dr. Theresa Oehmke arrived at UNH in August 2021 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in turbulent transport of particles. She will be working with Chris White and Tracy Mandel during her time here. Welcome!